6ch High Side Driver 1X3

The 1X3-SRG-IPS6 high side driver is designed to enable users to switch DC loads up to 5A at up to 30V with no heat-sinking. It uses in the International Rectifier IPS6041 fully-protected high side MOSFET switches, which includes over-temp, over-current, and under-voltage protection on each switch. The high-side topology is safer in many applications than the more common low-side topology because a short to ground cannot energize the circuit while the switch is turned off, as it can with a low-side switch. Each channel has a protection diode to absorb the kick from switching off large inductive loads.

The board is built with generous traces to handle the current with minimal voltage loss and heating on the board. A 74AHCT595 8-bit shift registers allow the control of six high current channels from only four logic inputs, and make it possible to daisy-chain as many as 50 boards together, for a total of 300 high current channels. In addition, they can also be daisy-chained with other shift register based boards from Logos (such as the 16 channel high current Arduino shield) for a variety of different configurations.

Key Features

  • Six five amp high side driver/switch channels
  • Shift register control allows daisy chaining of up to 50 boards for 300 channels
  • Compatible with other shift register controlled boards, i.e. those with 'SRG' in the part number, such as the ARD-SRG-IPS4X4.
  • Robust Molex Minifit Jr power connector
  • Ships with loose connectors for end user flexibility.
  • Convenient 1X3 form factor boards packages easily with other 1X3 boards and cases.


  • The shiftStepper library provides support for four-phase unipolar stepper motors. Download the latest library tarball or get it from GitHub. This includes example sketches.



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